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who we are

LSQP is a Pilates, barre and yoga studio located just off the Logan Square Blue Line stop (Spaulding exit). Our mission is to ignite confidence and vitality in our community through the principal teachings of Pilates: concentration, control, center, position, breath and fluidity.

We are body-positive and encourage our clients to challenge their abilities without being intimidating!


why is barre at lsqp different?

At the standard barre studio, instructors are only required to complete 37 hours of training - that’s a weekend of study! But at LSQP, in addition to being certified in barre, all of our instructors are also certified yoga or Pilates instructors. The extra hundreds of hours that they complete leads to a better, safer workout for you! Our barre classes are based on the latest techniques so you avoid injuries and get the best workout possible!


Special Offer

You can now save big on your new favorite barre classes at LSQP! New barre clients get 3 of our amazing classes for only $39! That’s just $13 per class!

If you want to try something new, for just $20 more you can try our Launch Pack (4 classes). Not only do you get excellent barre classes, but you also get an introduction to Pilates - the perfect complement to your barre practice. Regular practice of Pilates has been shown to build lean muscle, improve flexibility and balance, prevent and rehabilitate from injury, reduce chronic pain, and improve mental health and wellbeing.


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Meet your LSQP Barre Instructors!


Aileen M.

Balance Body 500 Hour Pilates Mat + Equipment

Has taught private and group Pilates for 8 years in studios all across Chicago.

Teaching Goals
To create a healing environment, increase self-awareness of mind-body-spirit, infuse classes with levity and humor while maintaining a high impact structure.

Outside the Studio
A talented dancer and performer often seen biking around her Logan Square hood!


Jackie S.

Stott Pilates Comprehensive Certified, Trained Bionuero Muscle Activation Technique

12 years teaching all levels and populations in New York City and Chicago.

Teaching Goals
To instill a sense of movement awareness and ease in the body and empower the individual to move with confidence. I love to teach people how to figure out their own physicality through building alignment, strength, flexibility and better execution of exercises that apply to their movement and fitness goals.

Outside the Studio
Professional dancer for The Lyric Opera and Chicago Repertory Ballet and choreographer with project based company Jaxon Movement Arts.


Paige P.

Grand Jete Barre, BarreAmed, NeighborhoodBarre, Balanced Body Reformer, Stott Chair and Reformer, Polestar Pilates Comprehensive

8 years of Barre, 5 years of HIIT and strength/conditioning, 3 years of Pilates on the Apparatus

Teaching Goals
Help people find a strong connection with their mind and body. To make their health journey fun, creative, and educational. To create long term goals and work on meeting milestones in and out of the studio.

Outside the Studio
I travel tons! I adore reading memoirs and biographies. I bike because it’s freeing and I love any creative outlet. I like to take on random interests that others show me :).