pilates + yoga for runners


When: Sunday 4/14, 2:45–4:45pm

Where: Logan Square Pilates + Core Studio, 2771 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

Cost: $38

Are you a runner looking to:

  • maximize your performance and hit your PR at upcoming races?

  • ease into warmer weather running?

Research has shown that Pilates not only helps improve run performance, it also reduces the risk of injury.

This two hour workshop will include a combo of expert-led Pilates mat and yoga instruction, targeted specifically at:

  • releasing tension from the impact of running

  • enhancing core strength and enabling more efficient movement

  • loosening up tight muscles and improving your flexibility

  • providing you with exercises and tips for sustaining benefits from the series

Each participant will receive a tip sheet to take with them that includes exercises tha can be completed at home.

The workshop will be co-taught by Katie, STOTT comprehensive certified Pilates instructor and Michelle, 200 hour registered yoga teacher and runner!

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As a lifelong runner with lifelong hip pain, this series was a dream come true! The LSQP instructors truly understood the pain points of runners and each class was both fun and educational. I walked away with practical tips and stretches that I’ve since incorporated into my training.
— Michelle M