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Intro to meditation 2 part series


When: Thursdays 6/14 and 6/28 at 8:15pm
Cost: $38 total for both sessions
Instructors: Jennifer Lynne Le Vine

This two part series is designed to help you develop a meditation practice that fits your needs and goals.

Class 1:  Jennifer will cover the fundamentals of mediation and how to build your own meditation practice, including: setting up a safe space at home, designating time and creating a routine, taking meditation on the go, and developing your “meditation toolbox.” We will also practice linking breath/pranayama and calming the mind.

Class 2: We will build on the breath/pranayama and calming the mind practice initiated in the first session. Jennifer will introduce different types of meditation, including body scan meditation, image meditation, music/sounds, chakra meditation, and movement/dance meditation.

About the Instructor: Jennifer's meditation journey began with an exploration of Zen Buddhism and has since found a foundation in the teachings of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and the works of Amma, Ram Dass and Thich That Hanh. Along with the addition of yoga mudras, her meditation style can be described as mindful body and breath awareness, with a commitment to compassion and forgiveness. Jennifer enjoys taking her students on a exploration of the senses and believes that a peaceful meditation practice is unique to each person and no journey is the same. Jennifer also teaches yoga and barre at Logan Square Pilates + Core.


Breast cancer survivor/previvor Pilates mat class


When: Saturday 6/16 at 11:15am
Cost: Free
Instructor: Angela Luem
In partnership with: Bright Pink

As part of our mission, we offer free community classes in partnership with organizations aligned with causes for which our instructors have a passion.

LSQP is excited to offer a regular Previvor/Survivor Pilates Mat class in partnership with local ambassadors from Bright Pink.

This class is designed specifically for Previvors and Survivors of breast cancer who have undergone mastectomies. During the session, we will use Pilates exercises to work through all upper and lower movement systems concentrating on the muscles around the chest, upper back and shoulders. Participants will work on opening up these muscles through breath and movement as well as toning them through Pilates mat work.

While Pilates has historically been used for rehab purposes (going back to Joseph Pilates client, Eve Gentry who had a double mastectomy in the 1950s), please note that confirmation of readiness by a physician is required.

Sign up on our Group Classes Schedule page or via the direct link below.